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Our Journey to Reading Success

By Stephen Keskes, Ed.S.
Assistant Superintendent, Clio Area Schools

2018/2019:  21 Teachers and Interventionists across all grade levels and teaching assignments volunteered to spend 3 days of their summer to receive Structured Literacy training through Children’s Choice Initiative.  Newly-hired elementary teachers were mandated to attend.

We Collected Data using STAR Early Literacy, STAR Reading, DRA and M-STEP.

2019/2020:  14 more staff members were trained through CCI. These included: Summer School teachers, classroom teachers, all new elementary teachers, more Special Education staff, and paraprofessional staff. During this year, we also had 3 teachers be trained by CCI staff to be trainers of future staff.

We began collecting more STAR, DRA, and M-STEP Data.

What We Discovered

  • After 3 years of declining scores in our economically disadvantaged subgroup, our ELA scores for all our students grades 3-8 rose from 47.6% to 49.7%.
  • 5th Grade M-STEP Percent Proficiency Rates in Reading grew 5% for that year’s cohort, and an 8% programmatic gain over the previous year’s results.
  • Every classroom implementing the program with fidelity grew over one year on the DRA and the STAR Reading Assessments.
  • Educators report extremely high efficacy in the area of teaching reading after receiving and implementing the training.
  • “Summer Slide” for affected students decreased dramatically.
  • High school students with special education needs showed the highest growth in years.
  • An increase of parents, who heard of our success, enrolled their children in our district through Schools of Choice to receive our reading instruction and support.

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